Welcome to the support site for the Linux distro, Dreamstep OS (Dreamstep). Dreamstep is built on a Debian stable base, and Window Maker-crm, updated Linux Kernel, and all the usual everyday apps. Feel free to become a part of our little community! Be sure to check out the other areas of the Dreamstep site!

Dreamstep OS Editions

Dreamstep OS comes in 64bit of the following editions...

Window Maker

The Dreamstep OS Window Maker edition. Built from a Stable Debian base, using the latest Window Maker from GIT to create a unique Window Maker experience. It also includes many custom tools, scripts, and applications. The new Dreamstep 3.0 is built from the last Liquid Lemur Window Maker core. Many of the custom tools from Lemur are in Dreamstep OS. I didn't see any point of "re-inventing the wheel" when I've already done it. ;) Additionally, it has some unique artwork...some of which was community created.

Several other distros and many individuals influenced the design and creation of Dreamstep OS. These are mentioned in the "About Dreamstep" page. Without them, Dreamstep OS probably would not exist. So, be sure to thank them for their hard work as well.

Future Editions

In the past the Dreamstep community started their own editions. If that were to happen again, they will be listed here.

None at this time.

If you have an custom edition you would like to see on Dreamstep, then either create the edition (desktop) bits and get them to me for building...or I can send you the tools to build it yourself. Just click the "envelope" icon at the top of the page to contact me.


These Dreamstep Editions and Community Re-spins are currently not actively developed and/or have been archived. Development may resume on these, so please don't consider them necessarily dead.

DreamStep 2.0 Xfce
This was the last Dreamstep I built. It was from the 2.0 release and based on Debian, with Xfce as the desktop. I had thoughts, although brief, about working on this and getting it out to the masses.

I decided that Dreamstep should be a Window Maker distro and pulled the plug on this project. I may revive this edition later on down the road, or I may not. Time will tell...

DreamStep Hybrid
This was the second Dreamstep Hybrid edition. The first Hybrid was built on Dreamlinux. This one was done on a Debian base. The two were essentially the same, except for the base used. This was one of the many steps to reach my original goal of having a Hybrid Window Maker. The Dreamstep Hybrids were nowhere near as advanced as the Hybrid I built with Liquid Lemur. Sadly, none of the Hybrid releases (Dreamstep or Lemur) were well received within the community.

I might revisit the Hybrid dream at some point. It's still something on the back of my mind.

DreamStep Debian
One of several Debian based Dreamstep releases. I don't remember when exactly, but at some point the Dreamlinux world started fading. I held out as long as I could, with the Dreamlinux base. However, it quickly became clear that I needed a new base. Debian was the logical choice. It was with the Debian editions that I started serious work on custom scripts and apps for Dreamstep. These were moved into the Liquid Lemur world when I first created Lemur.

It was built upon a solid Debian Testing (Wheezy) base and also includes many custom scripts and applications. Additionally, it had some unique artwork...some of which was community created.

DreamStep 1.5
DreamStep 1.5 was based on Dreamlinux and the first release after replacing AfterStep with Window Maker. Although it was still in the beginning stages, and with a few quirks, it was fairly stable. It got some attention back in the Dreamlinux days. I even modified the Dreamlinux build scripts to build a Window Maker Dreamlinux. It was the first distro I wrote custom scripts for, using Ruby.

DreamStep 1.0
As a long time user of Dreamlinux (Xfce), I started looking for a lighter weight desktop. After a little searching, I came across AfterStep. It reminded me, somewhat, of NeXTSTEP. Having coded various apps / games in the past, I felt like it was time to try my hand at building a distro. The result was what you see here, DreamStep 1.0. It was built upon a Dreamlinux 3.5 base. I had a lot of help from the Dreamlinux devs and community. Not to mention some nice artwork was created for me as well. It took a bit of trial and error to get it sorted. I still miss the Dreamlinux days...good times and good people.